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  • Please convey my thanks to Dr. Goldstein. After about a year or so of nerve blocks at his NYC office, my pudendal neuralgia was reduced to a manageable level where it no longer affected my life. I am able to do things that I wasn't able to do or experience previously. That's why I haven't been back to the office since December 2021. Thank you so much to the CVVD which changed my life.
    AP, New York

  • I don’t have enough words to sing the praises of Dr. Krapf. I saw her for the first time 3 years ago after 8 years of pain. I saw many doctors over the 8 years and was met with anything from “drink wine” to “WOW! You look awful. This just be terrible. I have no idea what it is”. As a last ditch effort, I flew 1,000 miles to see Dr. Krapf. 2 years later, I was healed. She is worth every penny and ounce of energy it takes to get to her. Her patience, kindness and intellect are unmatched.

    -Thankful Patient

  • Dr. Goldstein changed my life. For women who think they have no options left, he is a miracle worker.

    Beth N., Leesburg, VA

  • I had a great experience with Dr. Goldstein and more importantly, he promptly and accurately diagnosed and successfully treated me. Now 2 years after treatment, things are still going great and I continue to remain pain-free.

    Lynn B., Los Angeles, CA

  • I had the best experience with Dr. Goldstein. After 10 months of pain and 7 different doctors this was the first doctor who evaluated and treated me as an individual.

    Dina, from Monsey, NY

  • I've been so happy while sitting in Dr. Goldstein's office hearing the stories of all of the women he has helped over the years. They come from all over the world to see him.

    Laurie A., Fl.

  • I'm eternally grateful to Dr. Goldstein for his time and expertise. I am so much better! I can't thank this man enough for everything. I feel reborn!

    Terri, North Carolina