Our Philosophy

At the Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders it is our belief that quality medical care cannot be rushed. Our doctors spend over an hour with each patient during their initial visit, taking an in depth, thorough medical history. This conversation is further enhanced by the extensive questionnaire filled out by our patients prior to their first visit. By obtaining this detailed history, we give our patients the opportunity to share their voice and to tell us what they think is important to know about their medical condition. We believe that patients have a right to be heard.

What we stand for




It is important to us to be an accessible resource to our patients. Thus, we ensure that our doctors return every phone call and can be reached in case of an urgent issue. Don't believe us? listen to our voicemail, it gives our cell phone numbers. 

We believe in the importance of experience and expertise.  It is imperative for us to stay up-to-date with all current research and to focus our attention exclusively on vulvovaginal disorders. In addition to keeping abreast with publications from our peers, we invest a great deal of our own time and resources on research. We have conducted dozens of medical studies to find new treatments for vulvovaginal diseases. Check out many of the peer reviewed publications of these studies by clicking the publication tab. 

We recognize the importance of collaboration. In our effort to provide the best care possible, we employ a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. We enthusiastically enlist the help of our colleagues in other arenas of sexual health care including physical therapists, sex therapists, psychologists, and nutritionists. 


Patient Education


We believe that “vulvodynia” is a symptom, not a disease!  As such, our physicians have devoted their careers to developing algorithms for the diagnosis and treatments of identifiable causes of vulvar pain. 

While achieving precise diagnoses are critical, we also recognize the value of patient education. We understand that our patients need time to have all their questions answered and to address their concerns about their diagnoses and treatment. In addition, we share extensive reading materials with our patients, including books, study publications and online resources. These educational components endow our patients with a new sense of hope and empowerment.   

We follow this comprehensive history with a meticulous physical exam where we spend over 30 minutes using specialized testing such as vulvoscopy and quantitative sensory testing.  The time dedicated to history-taking and physical examination has allowed us to achieve accuracy and specificity in our diagnoses. 


Happy Holidays to each of you! We are especially grateful that you have given us the opportunity to care for you at The CVVD. Wishing you and yours all the best!


12/23: 9am-12pm EST

12/24: CLOSED

12/27-12/31: CLOSED*

*Our providers will not be seeing patients this week, but you can still contact us with medical questions. All appointment scheduling will resume on 1/3/22.

If you are in need of a refill, please contact our medical assistant by 4pm on 12/21 to give us enough time to process your request. You can email our medical assistant at prescriptions.cvvd@gmail.com

For urgent matters, you may contact our office manager, Hillary, at htolsoncvd@gmail.com. If you are experiencing a life-threatening medical condition, please dial 911.

Special Note: The holidays can be especially difficult or lonely for many, many patients and their families. Remember to practice kindness and patience with yourself and others. Here are some helpful reminders.


Our FAQ page is a wonderful resource for patients, both new and established! Check it out now!

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